Ludger Pfanz 

Ludger Pfanz was born in Schopfloch, Germany, in 1958. After studying theater and literary theory at the Free University of Berlin, he completed the degree course in filmmaking at the Academy of Fine Arts in Hamburg with honors. He has been an instructor and head of the video studio at the Academy of Design at the ZKM Karlsruhe since 1997, as well as the spokesman of the Media Arts faculty since 2002. He graduated from the EAVE continuing education program for European producers in 2002. Ludger Pfanz works as a producer, director and author.

Filmography Ludger Pfanz

various video documentaries in cooperation with the Medienwerkstätten Videogruppe Berlin, Videowerkstatt Autofocus


IM HERBST DER BESTIE (In the Autumn of the Beast), U-Matic, documentary, FRG, 120 min.


LANGSAMER ABSCHIED (Slow Farewell), essay film, Spain / FRG, 16 mm, 45 min.


Directing / Camera / Editing / Production


YENI DUVAR – Die neue Mauer (The New Wall), video, FRG, 20 min.




DER CHIRURGISCHE EINGRIFF (The Surgical Operation), Iraq, 45 min.


Camera / Directing / Production


KAHROLASI C – Verfluchtes C (The Cursed C) , feature film, 16 mm




QUÉ TODOS SE LEVANTEN (When They All Rise Up), Guatemala, 60 min.


Directing / Camera / Editing / Production


EL ORO NEGRO - Das schwarze Gold (Black Gold), feature film, Ecuador


Directing / Camera./ Editing / Production


EIN PORTRÄT DER FRIEDENSNOBELPREISTRÄGERIN RIGOBERTA MENCHÚ (A Portrait of the Nobel Peace Prize Winner Rigoberta Menchú), a film for the TV program ARD aktuell


Directing / Camera / Editing / Production


ZIVILCOURAGE – RIGOBERTA MENCHÚ (Everyday Courage - Rigoberta Menchú), film for Deutsche Welle


DANCES WITH TAILINGS – Die auf dem Uran-Müll tanzen (Those Who Dance on Uranium Waste), documentary, 16 mm


Directing / Camera / Editing / Production


AUF DER SUCHE NACH SICH SELBST (Looking for Oneself), a project in adventure-based teaching, Iceland, 45 min.


Directing / Production


TAKE YOUR CHANCE, video clip, Scotland, 10 min., High 8
A joint project with Crash Kids


Six months of shooting for DIE AMERIKAS (The Americas) in Ecuador / Guatemala and the USA


Film promotion funding from the Filmbüro Hamburg HHFF



  co-author of script for NDR 

DER WEG IST DAS ZIEL (The Way Is the Goal), Italy, 30 min., High 8
Reintegration project with female juvenile delinquents in Tuscany


ZWISCHEN DEN FRONTEN – Die Aleviten (Between the Fronts – The Alevites), feature film, Turkey, 45 min., Beta SP, NDR/ 3 SAT


Camera / Production


DER SCHATTENSPIELER (The Shadow Player), Nyerai-Film, FRG / Bulgaria / Nigeria, 30 min, Beta SP, Deutsche Welle




ASYL, ASYL (Asylum, Asylum), subsidized script for a feature film,


Filmförderung Hamburg HHFF


DIE AMERIKAS (The Americas), an essayistic documentary about the identity and resistance of the indigenous population of the Americas, 93 min., Beta SP


Directing / Camera / Production
Filmförderung Hamburg HHFF


( Prizes: *Großer Preis der Jury", Sixth International Environmental and Nature Film Festival in Sacile, Italy, 1996
*Award at the Native American film festival II Festival de Cine y Video de las Naciones Abya Yala in Ecuador, 1996

*Special mention at the XVIII Festival de La Habana Cuba, 1996, as the best film about Latin America made by a non-Latin American filmmaker

DIE STIMME DES HIMMELS – Missionierung und Ölgesellschaften in Ecuador (The Voice of Heaven – Missionaries and the Oil Business in Ecuador), 45 min., Beta SP


Directing / Camera / Production
Filmförderung Hamburg HHFF


DAS VERSTECKTE GESICHT – über die Situation der Flüchtlingsdörfer in Guatemala (The Hidden Face – On the Situation of the Refugee Villages in Guatemala), 45 min., Beta SP


Directing / Camera / Production
Filmförderung Hamburg HHFF


DIE BESCHNEIDUNG – Ein Fest in den türkischen Bergen (The Circumcision – A Celebration in the Mountains of Turkey), Turkey.45 min., NDR / WDR Production


TAI CHI CHUAN – Vollendete Kampfkunst in China (Tai Chi Chuan – Perfect Martial Art in China), China, 45 min., SFB
Broadcast on: ORB. HR. WDR, Planet-France


Directing / Camera / Production


UNSERE MÜTTER, UNSERE SCHWESTERN, UNSERE TÖCHTER – Ein Filmprojekt über kurdische Frauen (Our Mothers, Our Sisters, Our Daughters – A Film Project on Kurdish Women), WDR / arte


HEIMAT BABYLON (Hometoen Babylon), subsidized script for a feature film, MFG Baden-Württemberg

  MFG Baden Württemberg

DORNEN IN MEINEM AUGE – Eren Keskin: Eine türkische Anwältin klagt an (Thorns in My Eye – Eren Keskin: A Turkish Woman Lawyer Speaks Out), 60 min., WDR, arte and TVE, Spain


Directing / Production


Prizes: *Odyssee-Spezialpreis der Jury für Dokumentarfilm" (Odyssey Special Jury Prize for a Documentary Film), Interfilmfestival Nuremberg
*Nominated in three categories for the Prix Europe Berlin


Festivals: *Festival médias nord-sud, Geneva
*International Human Rights Festival, Nuremberg
*Exil Filmfestival, Götheborg, Sweden, 1999)


NICHT LÄNGER SCHWEIGEN – Kurdische Frauen auf neuen Wegen (No Longer Silent – Kurdish Women Taking New Paths), 45 min., WDR




WALDESLUST – Die Deutschen und der Wald (FOREST DELIGHT – Germans and the Forest), 45 min., NDR/ HR / 3 SAT / MDR / SWR


Directing / Camera / Editing / Production


IVORY – Wildlife Management in Africa, Zimbabwe / Kenya, 90 min., Nyerai Films




HEIMAT BABYLON (Hometown Babylon)
*nominated for the Baden-Württembergischen Drehbuchpreis (Script Prize of Baden-Württemberg) 2001


*recommended for the Deutscher Drehbuchpreis (German Script Prize) 2003 in the category "non-filmed script"


accepted by the Discovery Campus Master School 2001

  Project development promotion by Filmförderung Hamburg

DER LETZTE KRONZEUGE (The Last Principal Witness), accepted for the Media Plus program Pro Pitch 2001


Film promotion subsidy from MFG Baden-Württemberg


ELEANORA & THE ALIEN, children's film,


script development subsidy from Filmförderung Hamburg


DER SCHWARZARBEITER (The Underground Worker), satirical short film on the theme of joblessness, 35 mm, 19 min.


Directing / Production 


Prizes: *First Prize for Best Short Film, International Film Festival Osnabrück
*First Place, Short Film Prize, 29th International Film Weekend, Würzburg


Filmfest Emden, Short Film Festival Thalmässing, First Look Schleswig-Holstein, Film Festival Biberach, Baden-Württembergische Filmschau, Interfilm Nuremberg, Kontrast Bayreuth, Filmfest Würzburg, Film Festival Landshut)

    Nominated for Best Short Film, German Short Film Prize 2003    

Incentive funding from MFG Baden-Württemberg for project development for "Hometown Babylon", "Jobsharing" and "Wonderful Death"


Development subsidy for the script of the international feature film BRENT SPAR from MFG Baden-Württemberg


Subsidy for project development for JOBSHARING from Media Plus


Subsidy for project development for HEIMAT BABYLON from Media Plus


DIE DREHUNG DER BRENT SPAR (Shooting the Film "Brent Spar"), documentary, 45 min. (WDR),
"Best Journalistic Film", Ökofilmtour 2006

  TV film subsidy from MFG

FASZINATION WILDNIS (The Fascination of the Wilderness), 30 min.


EINE ALLIANZ FÜR DIE ZUKUNFT (An Alliance for the Future), 20 min.