Living with the Capercaillie

Is it more than just an empty dream –
the hope that human beings and the natural world can successfully face the future in harmonious cooperation? After all, everyone wants to protect nature. But what are we ready to do in order to achieve this goal? Is it all a question of degree? Or is it a question of attitude? The film, which was conceived by Rudi Suchant and shot by Ludger Pfanz, explores these questions and comes up with answers that open up new opportunities.

This is a film for everyone who uses the forest and the natural environment, and for everyone who would like to experience and enjoy their beauty. The capercaillie could become a symbol of how to successfully combine the protection of nature with the utilization of nature. That's because the forests that shelter capercaillies can certainly be used by people – in fact, sometimes they are created only by human use. And then they become valuable habitats for these legendary and fascinating birds.