Adventure Around the Corner 
parts 1-3

The first three parts of the series are now available on DVD!

part 1:
“Safari in the Black Forest“ is the first adventure that Eleanora (12) and Alena Pfanz (7) experience in the children’s documentary film series “Adventure Around the Corner“. The two girls set out on an exciting expedition in the Black Forest, during which they learn to identify local animals and have a chance to observe them in their native habitat.

part 2:
“Robbers in the Forest“ is the second episode of “Adventure Around the Corner“. This time, Eleanora and Alena get to know some forest predators. They patiently lie in wait, and their patience is rewarded. Breathtaking sequences of animal photography reveal to you and your children the hidden side of life in our forests.

part 3:
In the third episode of “Adventure Around the Corner“, Eleanora and Alena take you to the Austrian Alps. Here they get to know the many species that are native to the Alps, in particular the “masters of the skies“. The two girls climb “up hill and down dale“ as they explore the alpine highlands.