Eleanora & the Alien 
by Gülsel Özkan and Ludger Pfanz

Eleanora is the only child of a very busy single mother. Because she is very often alone, she mostly plays games she invents for herself and spends hours exploring her fantasies, which are peopled by fairytale figures, dinosaurs and alien beings. As a result, many of her schoolmates consider her somewhat odd. One day she happens to mislead an alien being into making a crash landing in her garden. The crash damages the UFO so severely that the alien can not fly back home, even though he has an urgent appointment and doesn't want to be late.

Eleanora tries to help the alien repair his UFO, step by step, so that it can fly again. Before that can happen, they have a number of adventures in other cultures. And in the process, Eleanora learns to value the qualities that make her different from others. She learns that it's good to "Be - somewhat - different".

During the time she spends with the alien, Eleanora comes into more and more conflict with her teacher and her mother, who increasingly believe that Eleanora's fantasy is getting out of control and start to look for support from a psychiatrist.

But with the help of the alien, Eleanora manages in the end to bewitch everyone with her beautiful fantasy. .